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Vinay Chowdhry Black Feb’s Cinematographer And a Clip of Butch at Lucky Cheng’s

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ImageVinay Chowdhry, director of photography for Black February, is profiled in the Public Engagement blog from New York City’s New School.

Vinay, a faculty member at the New School media studies department, discusses Butch’s amazing ability to pull the musical elements out of any moment:

“One of the first shoots we did for Black February was a lecture in Arnold Hall. [Morris] was speaking about Conduction, and he turned the audience of laymen into an ephemeral and other worldly sound scape with just the contents of their pockets.”

We didn’t use that footage from the shoot in the film, but the moment was priceless: Butch asked the lecture audience to take something from their pockets–pens, or paper–and use them to make sustained noises. He then Conducted those seemingly random sounds into music.

The audience was mesmerized: they finally physically understood what Butch meant by Conduction, and  got some insight into the genius that allowed him to hear music in every moment he lived.

Perhaps one day we’ll release the outtakes.

For now, check out this great clip of Butch conducting a workshop at Lucky Cheng’s in the East Village.

Black February at the BlackStar Film Festival, Philadelphia

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2012-BlackStar-GuideWe’re pleased to announce that Black February will be screening at the BlackStar Film Festival in Philadelphia.

The film will play at 6:30 pm on Saturday, Aug. 3 at Drexel University.

BlackStar is a celebration of cinema focused on work by and about people of African descent in a global context.

Butch was acutely aware of his heritage as an African American man and the limitations that society tried to place on him because of that. He saw Conduction as a way of breaking through those racial and musical boundaries, which existed even in New York in the ’70s and ’80s. Part of Butch’s genius arose out of his willingness to actively use Conduction to subvert those limitations and preconceptions.

In the clip below, Brandon Ross, Greg Tate, and Howard Mandel tell the story of Conduction No. 1, which became the celebrated album, Current Trends in Racism in Modern America.

Vision Festival and a DVD Sale

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banner-06The Vision Festival, New York’s great festival of experimental music and dance, is holding a special screening of Black February on Sunday, June 16 at 4:30 pm.

Butch was a regular performer at the festival, and it’s an honor, if a little bittersweet, to hold the Brooklyn premiere of the film there.

The festival is being at the experimental performance space Roulette. Details about the Vison Fest and Roulette can be found at Arts for Art, which organizes the festival every year.

A special thanks to Patricia Parker, the festival organizer, for helping us pay tribute to Butch.

In celebration of the screening, we’ve put copies of the Black February DVD on sale. It makes a perfect Father’s Day gift for the music lovers in your life.

Wayne Horvitz Conducts at The Stone NYC May 21-26

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Wayne Horvitz, who wrote a beautiful tribute to Butch on the New Music Box blog last month, is holding a residency at The Stone in New York City between May 21 and 26.

imagesThe NY Times’ Ben Ratliff, highlighted the performances in an article published on Wednesday.

Wayne, who called Butch his only mentor, is conducting his Royal Room Collective Music Ensemble, using some of the technique he learned from Butch in the 1980s.

Says Ratliff:

Mr. Morris tended to use very little written music in his conductions, working from scraps. Mr. Horvitz, by contrast, is using his own themes and pre-existing pieces, some riff-based and directly out of the jazz tradition, but blowing them apart, making them judder and flash and fold in on themselves. His is an excellent band of nearly all Seattle residents — the soloists included the trombonist Naomi Siegel, the clarinetist Beth Fleenor and the saxophonists Kate Olson, Craig Flory and Briggan Krauss — and its had an efficacious start. What I heard in Tuesday’s early set was tighter and stronger than a live recording the band was selling at the club, made in Seattle only a few months ago.

Black February is Screening at the Vision Festival in Brooklyn

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The New York Times announces that Black February will screen at this  year’s Vision Festival

NubluBlack February will be screening at the 18th Vision Festival, in Brooklyn on June 16. The Vision Festival features a great lineup this year, including a lifetime achievement award for Milford Graves.

Butch played the festival several times, and it’s a special thing to be able to screen it for the community of improvisers and music lovers who come to the festival each year.

This year’s festival will be held at Roulette in Brooklyn, June 12-16. Black February screens on the last day of the festival at 4:30 pm.

I’ll post any more details as they become available. But, for now, mark your calendars!


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Here’s a clip from Black February. Butch describes the purpose of Conduction: not just to make music, but to drive for something much deeper.

Butch Morris on the BBC

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Here’s a link to a new video about Butch by the BBC. Butch is playing at Lucky Cheng in New York’s East Village with a fabulous new group:

BBC News: The music man with no written plan