Black February Available for Streaming on Kanopy

Black February is available for streaming here on Kanopy. It’s free for those with a public library card or university access.

2 Responses to “Black February Available for Streaming on Kanopy”

  1. Ursel Schlicht Says:

    Hi Vipal,

    I so appreciate getting this. I´ve been part of Black February and always wanted to get a copy of the film, eventually. Currently I live in Germany and wanted to show the film to an improv class at the university of Kassel, where I teach as an adjunct, and when I wanted to order a copy to the library I saw that there are no hard copies any more. Is there a way to get the film in a digital format, or might there even be some old hard copies left?

    I don´t have a uni login like the ones issued in the US, so I doubt that I an access it from here. (If you think I´m wrong, I´d look into it). I am happy to make a donation or whatever you suggest. Please advise, and best wishes


    PS I saw the film some years ago when it was shown at the East River Park Amphitheater, a perfect setting for it!


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